Why Remote Team Using Orangescrum

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Remote teams have wildly adopted project management tools amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Also, early reviews of user behavior show quite a shift in the way businesses have used cloud task collaboration tools to


● Sustain customer retention

● Improve customer experience

● Boost remote team productivity

Teams globally, had to challenge the status quo and re-look their strategy, work patterns, work hours and overall rules of engagement to keep their businesses sustainable.


What encouraged remote teams to adopt project management software?

Besicall, business owners and project managers suddenly had the burden of innovating solutions within seconds. Not only for themselves but for their teams and customers too.


Each one of them was required to be on top of all work activities and run the show business as usual.

And project teams decided to bring everyone aboard a central project management platform to streamline:

● Task tracking

● Information exchange (files, designs, presentations, worksheets)

● Time tracking

● Resource management

● Customer interactions

● Progress tracking

● Issues discussions

● Share quick wins & expected delays

Tools like Orangescrum provide holistic capabilities for all remote teams to manage their projects, time, task and resources effectively.


Stay on the same page with your team using the Orangescrum dashboard. Here, you can monitor and control the tasks/assignments listed out. For any activity on any task, email notification is sent.

Attaching your files to the tasks and Orangescrum will keep all your files in the cloud. You can view or download them anytime and anywhere as per your need.


Most organizations have realized the benefits of project management software and how they enable remote collaboration and supporting the business in a robust manner.

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